This last week has been a bit of a blur for me.

At the start of the week, the Can I Use Web Widget which I wrote late last year went viral, and I had so much positive feedback on the idea, thank you to everyone who has shared and tweeted about it. Sara Soueidan has implemented it in to her site now - any other sightings in the wild?

Later in the week, "Secrets of the Browser Developer Tools" went viral too with a massive increase in traffic. Since launch, the secrets on these pages have been read almost 60,000 times. That's incredible. If even a quarter of those secrets read were new discoveries, then there are a lot of developers with more knowledge about their tools than they were last week!

The traffic is likely to slow down after the initial flood, but let's keep spreading the word about these awesome tools, so keep tweeting, keep telling your friends. I'm speaking at London Web this Thursday (20th June) and I'm hoping to speak at a couple of conferences this year (talk proposals are in!) - so we can spread the word and help more people!

So now the aim is to keep adding those secrets so we can keep learning new things. I like to aim high, so we're going to aim for 200 secrets by the end of the year. Are there even 200 secrets? There's only one way to find out!

Thank you to everyone who has contributed something to the site. Whether your contribution has been a bug report; a typo fix; adding another browser or a brand new secret, thank you. The support from you all is amazing.

Make sure you follow @devtoolsecrets for all the latest news.

Finally, I'd love to have some developer quotes about this site for use in a top of the page teaser. If you'd like to be quoted, please send a tweet @devtoolsecrets. I'll use the best ones :)

Happy Discoveries!

Andi Smith.