Firstly, a BIG thank you to everyone who has visited, tweeted, shared and contributed to the site in its first week. The response has been overwhelming, and I'm pleased to say this is just the beginning! Please keep spreading the word about the site, and I'll keep adding new secrets and features!

This week I've added a number of new secrets, but I've also see some changes to the way the site works. Looking at initial analytics data, it seemed a lot of users were visiting the homepage, seeing the filters and interacting without reading any secrets.

So I've re-vamped filters from a full page panel to a single line. The left side drop down switches between all and favorites (with date to come soon); while the right side toggles each of the browsers. I've removed the category feature altogether for the meantime - but I'd be interested in knowing whether this is something there is a demand for.

The new feature bar is still a work in progress - there's additional features to be added such as sorting by date - but it should mean you can access the content of the site much quicker. The code needs some tidying too.

I'm keen to make changes and see the reaction rather than wait days to perfect an idea, and I'd love to know your feedback on the site whether you think it is good or bad, if you have any comments or ideas - please submit them here, or message me on Twitter.

Also, if you have any secrets you'd like to share, please contribute!

Finally, please ensure you follow @devtoolsecrets for all the latest news.

Happy filtering!

Andi Smith.