This week I got to present at London Ajax, thank you to the organisers for the opportunity and to everyone who came. Here are the slides from my talk - they're mostly new secrets, so make sure you take a look!

Again I asked the audience what Dev Tools they were using as their primary development tool and the answers were (roughly) as follows:

  • Chrome: 70%
  • Firebug: 25%
  • Firefox: 1
  • Internet Explorer: 1
  • Opera: 0
  • Safari: 1

If you're a Firebug fan, you may be please to hear that Steven Roussey, one of the contributors to Firebug, has created a massive update of Firebug secrets. So please join me in giving a big thank you to him!

Sorry that I haven't been posting many secrets recently. All my spare time has been spent working on something else (related to Developer Tools), that I will be able to announce at a later date. Needless to say, I myself will be back to posting secrets in the coming days.

Until Then!

Andi Smith.